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When this year’s South by Southwest film festival was cancelled, the ReelBlend boys wanted to do something. We set a goal, to use the podcast as a means to spotlight a film (or films) that lost the opportunity to reach a broad audience in Austin. And we heard back from multiple filmmakers looking for that shot.

The effort starts now with Kris Rey. The filmmaker planned to bring her bittersweet comedy I Used to Go Here to SXSW. A showcase For Gillian Jacobs’ dry wit and relatable personality, I Used to Go Here follows a fledgling author on a disappointing book tour who heads back to her college town and falls back into too many unhealthy routines.

We had Kris Rey on the show to talk about her production, the loss of SXSW and the plans for distribution going forward. It’s an informative conversation about the indie-film market, and the power of film festivals, and we think you guys will really enjoy it.

From a news perspective, the guys talk about Disney’s move to put Artemis Fowl on Disney+ and, in the process, find new release space for movies like Mulan and Black Widow. The placement of the latter means that every MCU movie took a step backwards, and the guys discuss the new Marvel slate.

For the #BlendGame this week, the guys highlight three underrated titles from the 2000s. What would your choice have been?

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