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              All The Breaking Bad Characters That Appeared In El Camino
              Robert Forster Died At 78: Fans Mourn Oscar Nominee And Breaking Bad Star
              The Walking Dead Needs Life Support, Superheroes Aren’t So Super And More In This Week’s TV Ratings

              The zombies aren't the only things still going beyond their expiration date, if ratings are any indication!

              The Blacklist Just Delivered A Huge Betrayal And 8 More Jaw-Droppers

              Betrayal and jaw-droppers?!? Another episode of The Blacklist has arrived!

              How Jessica Biel 'Legitimized' New Facebook Watch Series Limetown, According To The Creator

              How did Limetown's creators know Jessica Biel the right fit to play Lia Haddock? They explain!

              Surprise, Shepard Smith Just Quit Fox News After 23 Years: Watch His Announcement
              How Arrow Is Using John Diggle And Bronze Tiger For The Flash-Forwards, According To One Star
              Jason Momoa's Aquaman Is Not Here To Sign Boobs (Yet) In The Simpsons Clip

              I can definitely picture Aquaman signing some boobs. Superman or Batman? Nah.

              Why Chicago Med's Natalie Hasn't Seen Through Philip's Manipulation Yet, According To The Actress

              Natalie is getting lied to, big time, on Chicago Med, and here's why actress Torrey DeVitto believes she hasn't caught on to Philip's deception yet.

              El Camino: Does Breaking Bad's Walter White Make An Appearance?

              Is Bryan Cranston's Walter White in the Breaking Bad movie, El Camino? Here's the answer.

              How You Can Watch The High School Musical TV Show Before The Disney+ Premiere

              We can all be in this together before Disney+ even launches the High School Musical TV show.

              Apparently Crisis On Infinite Earths Will Reference Michael Keaton's Batman Movies

              You can't have too many Bats in an Arrow-verse crisis, right?

              El Camino Ending: How Jesse Pinkman's Breaking Bad Story Came Full Circle

              Breaking Bad's final chapter is officially here, and here's how the TV movie closed out Jesse Pinkman's tortured narrative.

              Yikes, Grey's Anatomy Season 16's Halloween Episode Looks Like Bloody Hell For Jo
              New 9-1-1 Photos Show Shirtless Eddie Getting Help With His 'Rage' Issues

              See Eddie springing into a different kind of action!

              Blue Bloods Star Is Always Asked About Donnie Wahlberg But Never Sees Him

              After 10 seasons, they have had almost no scenes together.

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